27th of August Getaway – Honor Your Sacred Energy

Honor Your Sacred Energy - One-day Retreat in Cap Ferret

Date : Saturday 27th of August

Time : 9am – 5pm

Co-hosted by Florence Féron and Justyne Criquioche

12 people – 150€

The new moon of August pushes us to gently assert ourselves. With her, let’s learn to redefine our desires, our rhythm, while feeling free.

We offer a unique journey riding between feminine and masculine energies to 
• approach the next back-to-school season with strength and determination,
• maintain the positive energy experienced during summer time: audacity, lightness and playful spirit…
• anchoring your resources as a powerful, warm and luminous energy.

You will be guided through sensory exercices, relaxation and free movement and you will create a power stick that will carry your resources and your intentions for the new season. 

To accompany you during this unique journey, Florence and Justyne.
They come together in rich and carrier life paths, each having had several professional lives.Their meeting is the result if a happy coïncidence in life, at a time when both accompanied people to reconnect with their authenticity. They are happy to offer you this getaway which is the fruit of a weaving of their common passions. 

Justyne: Illustrator and medium, she draws within the world of well-being, personal development and spirituality. She also offers guidance with the Tarot de Marseille.

Florence : As a holistic coach, she has accompanied for many years to reconnect with what makes everyone vibrant. She recently took over a Guest house where she organizes workshops, more particularly about self-fulfilment.

For more information, please contact us: florence@lacourse-bordeaux.fr