February 21st, March 7th and 28th – Cultivate Joy

Cultivate Joy - A series of 3 workshops

Date : Tuesdays February 21st – March 7th and 28th

Heure : 7pm – 9pm 

Co-guided by Estelle Séré and Florence Féron

120€ / person for the 3 workshops

Estelle and Florence offer you 3 meetings to explore together what brings life and sparkles to the eyes.
You won’t find that to feel playful you need a new pair of boots or a newer phone. Well, you already knew that!
Fulfillment comes from our deepest desires and our ability to make them happen.

3 workshops, a journey where personal research and co-creation mingle.
3 moments of sweetness, kindness, and listening to oneself.
3 creative parentheses to bring out your momentum, your drive for joy.

Come as you are, all creative materials are provided.

Estelle is a visual artist and works in the visual arts. From her point of view, the role of an artist is to lend his gaze to allow us to see the world from another angle, and to make people aware that everyday life is a source of inspiration.

A holistic coach, Florence likes to connect those she accompanies to what is most vibrant for them. She wants to use creativity in various forms in her accompaniments.

Together, they take pleasure in sharing, exchanging and leading creative moments, imbued with lightness and poetry.