February 28th – Awaken Your Senses

Awaken Your Senses

Date : Tuesday, February 28th

Heure : 7:30pm – 9pm 

Evening co-animated by Mathias Dalençon and Florence Féron

€25 / person

Mathias and Florence are offering a sensory experience so that you can connect with your feelings and what is most vibrant for you.

Stimulate, experiment, discover, feel, become aware through all your senses: here is what will be explored during this evening with openness and spontaneity.

Mathias is a sophrologist with a humanist approach. He accompanies people so that can fully carry out their desires and live a fulfilled life.
As a holistic coach, Florence is passionate about helping everyone people to fully realize their potential and focus their energy on what matters most in their lifes.
Together, they will pool their tools and share their positive humanist approach.