March 5th – Delicacies & Poetry

Delicacies & Poetry

Date : Tuesday March 5th

Time : 7h30pm – 9pm 

Guided by Florence Féron

Limited to 8 participants

35€ / person

In tasting as in poetry, the truth is in what you feel.

During this evening, several sweet treats will be discovered with the senses awakened and then we will train ourselves in the art of evocation to put our feelings into words.

We take care of preparing drinks and appetizers.

If you feel like bringing something that inspires you, please do!

This evening is reserved for foodies, curious people and lovers of life! It will be guided by Florence. Holistic coach and owner of the House, Florence loves offering unique and novel experiences.

To whet our appetites, here is Théodore de BANVILLE’s tea to share:

Miss Ellen, pour me some tea

In the beautiful Chinese cup,

Where gold fish seek trouble

To the terrified pink monster.

I like crazy cruelty

Chimeras that we tame:

Miss Ellen, pour me some tea

In the beautiful Chinese cup.

There, under an angry red sky,

A proud and sly lady

Show in her long turquoise eyes

Ecstasy and naivety:

Miss Ellen, pour me some tea.