November 28th – Cultivate the breath of life

November 28th - Cultivate the Breath of Life

Date: Tuesday November 28th 

Time: 7:30pm – 9pm

Guided by Florence Feron

Limited to 12 participants

25 € / person

What do all practices such as yoga, tai chi, qi-gong, meditation in its various forms, sophrology, etc. have in common? Breathing!

Breath is the foundation of life. Breathing is the most accessible tool to everyone at all times to slow down the flow of thoughts, bring relaxation to the body and return to oneself.

After a reminder of the key elements about life energy, we will practice several breathing exercises with different intentions and remain curious about the results.

Holistic coach and owner of Maison la Course, Florence is passionate about helping everyone optimize their energy potential and direct them towards what is most vibrant and joyful.