September 26th – Life of an eco-hive and analogy with business

September 26th - Life of an Eco-hive and Analogy with Business

Date: Tuesday September 26th 

Time: 7:30pm – 9pm

Presentation by Raphaël Marlin, founder of Apinae

25 € / person

Raphaël likes to share his passion for bees. During this evening, he invites us to discover the similarities between the organization of a company and a hive, where each has its dedicated role, essential to making its ecosystem work.

The bees collaborate, communicate, assign each other specific tasks and all contribute to their common project.

Following the presentation, a tasting of its wonderful honey is offered.

After a career as a consultant in large groups around the world and experience as a business manager for more than 20 years, Raphaël decided to reconnect with a childhood passion by putting bees at the center of his life.

With the Apinae project, Raphaël combines his passion for the living world and his taste for team management.