Totem of Intentions

Totem of Intentions

Date : Tuesday march 28th

Time : 7pm – 9pm

Guided by Estelle Séré and Florence Féron

35€ / person, including all the necessary material

Limited to 10 participants

The “Totem of intentions” workshop is an invitation to a guided time of introspection.

Early spring is a great time to open up to renewal. Taking the time to make your totem will encourage you to focus on your intentions and what matters most in your life. 

As a holistic coach, Florence likes to connect those she accompanies to what is most vibrant for them. She uses creativity in various forms in her accompaniments.

Estelle is a plastic artist. She leads plastic arts workshops and likes to communicate her passion for creation, a source of transformation.

Together, they will guide you in the realization and development of your symbolic work, through a creative process associated with writing work to allow you to raise awareness.

Then it will be up to you to invent the ritual that goes with it…