A unique stay

A bespoke experience

We craft bespoke services to suit your needs and wishes to ensure your stay is unique and memorable.We can cover all tastes and requirements, not only in the kitchen, but in the wellness spa too, as well as outings and even something special in our boutique.

The kitchen

The kitchen is open to everyone and anyone interested in sharing or delicious experiences! You can come here freely for breakfast or even dinner to try some of the taste-packed local produce supplied by our chosen partners.

You can also enjoy a selection of wines at all times.

The wine cellar

The cosy and chic room is open to our guests to enjoy our selection of wines from Bordeaux and other French regions Enjoy this unique space to taste our selection of wines, teas, beers…
The room can welcome 10 guests and can be privatized for special event upon request.

The wellness spa

The spa was designed for guests to recharge their batteries and indulge in some self-pampering.
Make appointments for facial and/or body massages whenever you feel like it; just call our masseuse and let her know what you require.

Private bookings:
• 1 hour’s massage and 30 minutes in the hammam from €120.
• You can book the hammam alone when you reserve your room.

Contact us to book your wellness time.

Our boutique

Choose from our exclusive collection that we have lovingly selected for our guests: gourmet foods, beauty products, books, self-development games, etc.
These are local and always French to make the Maison La Course experience longer!


We love to help our guests discover our beautiful region, its legendary and sometimes peculiar places, its secrets and some surprises too.
We can organise outings to suit your wishes, interests and schedule.
These might include a lunch in the middle of a vineyard, a flight over the River Garonne, sailing out to the Arguin Sandbank in Arcachon Bay. The possibilities are countless.
These trips need of course to be booked, so please contact us as early as possible, so we can organise a really memorable outing for you.