A dreamlike journey

Our rooms

Classical rooms with surprises! Expect a thoughtful mix of old-style and off the wall!
Our five spacious, comfortable rooms and suites are distributed around the masterpiece staircase. They all feel cosy and refined because of the lovely materials and the subtle colours used in them, and the carefully, lovingly selected artefacts, all of which have a story. 


Accomodates 2 people

Area: 25 sq. m (270 sq. ft)

Rates from €240*

Oyat is the French term for beach grass and is reminiscent of the strong life forces of the sea, sand dunes and pine forests in the South West of France. This natural, reviving room exudes vitality and strength.

Special attraction: its private terrace, a breath of fresh air in the middle of the city.


Accomodates 2 people

Area: 22 sq. m (237 sq. ft)

Rates from €200*

There’s a breeze of freedom and a hint of everyday playful mischief in this room, called Lasaia after a Central American butterfly as a reminder that life is always on the move.

Special attraction: energetic room with lively colours to make you feel happy, light and bright.


Accomodates 2 or 3 people

Area: 60 sq. m (645 sq. ft)

Rates from €320*

This suite is a private haven that celebrates love, passion and happiness. A room suitable for a couple with a spacious living room that can accommodates children.

Special attraction: a space full of surprises for love enthusiasts and life lovers.


Accomodates 2 people

Area: 25 sq. m (270 sq. ft) • 85 sq. m with terrace (915 sq. ft)

Rates from €255*

Seiros or Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. This room is hidden away on the third floor of the House. It beckons you to explore your dreams as you gaze at the galaxies. A unique, magical experience.

Special attraction: an amazing, unhindered view of the sky and the city rooftops. And the swimming pool too!


Accomodates 4 people

Area: 40 sq. m (430 sq. ft)

Rates from €265*

Orensio is a mystery island that only brave spirits can sail to. Ideal for adventurers, ready to cross oceans and seek out the treasures of life.

Special attraction: a family suite with an area for the kids shaped like the cabin of a ship.