This 19th century mansion in the elegant part of Bordeaux around Le Jardin Public that provide the city’s green fresh air, is just a short walk from the Chartrons neighbourhood, where foreign wine traders meet for centuries. Behind its stunning Haussmann-style façade, five rooms and suites beckon patrons to explore and enjoy life.

“I wanted to preserve the bourgeois luxury of a Bordeaux mansion and add more character with colour, a little fantasy  and a few surprises. I introduced a theme connected to gold for its dreamlike quality, hints of which can be found throughout the House.”

The lounge and its fireplace

The kitchen


The tasting area

The courtyard

The masterpiece staircase

Quintessential Bordeaux

A luxury
guest gouse

With its spacious, homely feel our 19th -century luxury guest house is an opportunity to step out of the race against time.

The lounge

with its fireplace and comfortable sofas is ideal to take time, learn something new and chat. The perfect place to snuggle down and enjoy life.

The tasting area

devoted to the art of living with creative artists and local wine producers. Great for after-work get-togethers, wine tasting, cookery courses, etc.

The kitchen

is open to everyone for sharing and enjoyment. The very place to go for a delicious break with fine, tasty, local products!

The wellness spa

with its massage parlour and hammam is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. A place to relax and disconnect!

How it all came about

It was pure luck at the beginning: the luck of an appointment. Florence, her husband and their children visit Maison La Course in summer 2021, and fall in love with it. As soon as they walked through the door, something magical happened: the energy flowed, the lighting appealed and the gentle subtility of the place made them feel happy and content.

“I felt a very strong connection. It just seemed so obvious that this was where I belonged and a place where I could build the ideal conditions where guests would combine their spirits, hearts, bodies and souls.”

As an experienced holistic coach, Florence was able to develop a recipe for life that she now wants to share with guests at the House:
•Enjoying the venue and its magic in the moment
• Developing awareness and creativity
• Peaceful sleep
• Enjoying healthy, tasty food
• Indulging in revitalizing activities

An ode to life

“Devoting time and attention to the essentials for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being; everything that gives me and you enjoyment! The beauty of things, discussion, sharing, exploring and celebrating life…”

A salamander decorates the amazing fireplace in the lounge and is the icon of these premises. Its energy for life perfectly represents that of the mansion. It is the energy of fire and the eternal flame, that of the soul that we must always strive to feed and maintain.

Services to delight you

Our team

All of our team will make you feel welcome and cater to your every whim right through your unique and memorable stay.


The owner



The owner

Léa, Coline, Irène, Lucie et Clothilde

Our team